Examples & Pricing

All prices in CAD
Payment via Ko-Fi Commissions or Paypal Invoice

Commission Types

Please note: Complicated requests may incur additional charges

character art | prices listed are per character

Style Bust Waist-up Full-body
Sketch C$20 C$25 C$40
Lineart* C$30 C$35 C$50
Flat Colours# C$40 C$45 C$60

*Flat shading included if desired
#Some rendering included if desired

Add-ons: Complex backgrounds start at C$20 (simple geometric backgrounds/patterns are included, no charge)

A lineart drawing of a character with a breathing mask on their face. They carry a backpack with several tubes and hoses criss crossing over it; there appear to be plants inside. They are walking away from what appears to be a desert oasis. (This is my character Tagoni) An image of Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga & anime; they are embracing and Edward has a hand on Winry's belly; Winry appears to be pregnant.

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A lineart drawing of a character with a breathing mask on their face. They carry a backpack with several tubes and hoses criss crossing over it; there appear to be plants inside. They are walking away from what appears to be a desert oasis. (This is my character Tagoni) Illustration: A dapper-looking man wearing glasses and a suit holds a cigarette. A monochrome image of Dio from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure with his thumb pointing at himself and a devious grin on his face.

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Flat Colour
An illustration of Aloy from the Horizon video game franchise in the style of a villager from Animal Crossing A picture of Bulma from the Dragon Ball franchise wearing a black dress, with her blue hair done in a 40s style. She wears a black dress and has one hand at her temple and the other on her hip. An illustration of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist with his hand over a wound on his side. He's smirking. A full-colour illustration of Bulma and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z dressed up in royal garb.

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custom stickers | for personal use only

(see licencing for commercial use information)

An illustration of a green frog on a pink flower A cartoon-style illustration of a smiling red octopus An illustration of two toadstool mushrooms surrounded by some grass An illustration of a D20 with the '20' side facing up; above and below the D20 are scroll-like illustrations which say Naturally Talented on them An illustration of a purple crystal cluster An illustration of a dragonfly with transparent wings A pixel art illustration of a retro arcade cabinet. The title Synth is visible at the top of the cabinet, and there is an industrial scene onscreen with smoke rising from pillars in the background with a Tron-style grid in the foreground A whimsical vector illustration of a cat taking a nap on a stylized crescent moon A pixel art illustration of the night-time moon shining on mountaintops

Base prices:

flat/cell-shaded: C$20
examples: frog, octopus, toadstool

fully-rendered/complex: C$40
examples: D20, crystal, dragonfly

vector or pixel art: C$55
examples: arcade cabinet, cat on the moon, moon on the mountains


For branding/commercial use: C$25

For private labeling (exclusive use): C$100+ (based on size of business)

Wholesale (including custom): See my wholesale terms

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By commissioning me, the artist, for digital artwork, you agree to abide by the following terms of service.



  1. I, jadefyre, otherwise known in these terms as “the artist”, by default retain full and exclusive usage rights to the original artwork unless otherwise agreed upon.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed upon, all commissioned artwork is licensed for personal, noncommercial purpose only. The client may not claim it as their own or distribute for profit.
    1. For the purpose of these terms, 'commercial' refers to printed merchandise for distribution, promotional materials for goods and services, or commercial social media pages.
  3. Conditions for Reposting
    1. The client has my permission to repost the artwork where they would like, as long as proper credit is given (a link back to this website is preferred) and my watermark/signature remains intact and unaltered
  4. Prohibited Actions
    1. Altering my artwork in any way without asking for permission beforehand, with the exception of cropping the image for an icon or other use.
    2. Tracing or repurposing parts of the image UNLESS the piece is specifically commissioned as a base.
  5. If these terms are broken, you will be privately blacklisted from commissioning this artist.


  1. I accept payment in CAD. All CAD payments will be taken via Ko-Fi commission or PayPal Invoice.
  2. If we have not worked together before or I don't know you, I require a down payment of at least 30% before I will begin work.
    1. Down payments and incremental payments are available through Paypal Invoice only. Ko-Fi commissions do not provide an option for partial payments at this time.
    2. Payment plans may be negotiated upon request before work begins.
  3. Refund Policy
    1. If the commission is cancelled (by me or the client) before work has started, then the client will receive a full refund of the amount paid.
    2. If the client cancels the commission after work has begun, the amount refunded will be on a case-by-case basis and up to the artist’s discretion. I do have a rough schedule for refunds:
      1. Preliminary Sketch: 90%
      2. Line art, if applicable: 40%
      3. Blocked-in Colours: 20%
    3. No refunds will be given for completed or nearly completed commissions.
    4. The artist reserves the right to cancel a commission at any time, for any reason, and without explanation.
    5. The client will have the choice to receive their partially completed image as well as remaining refund if applicable, or full refund and no image.

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  1. Discussion of commissions can be conducted via email or via Discord (jadefyre).
  2. Visual Reference Guidelines
    • Clients must supply at least one visual reference if a specific pose, colour scheme, or scene is requested.
  3. Progress Updates
    • I will provide updates at the client's request as well as whenever I move into a new stage on the project, i.e. sketch, lines, colour, and detail work.
    • For information on requesting edits and revisions, see my workflow terms under section 5.


  1. Below is a general guideline for what I will and will not draw. Please contact me to discuss details and exceptions.
  2. I will draw:
    • Human/Humanoids (including alien and anthro characters)
    • Monsters
    • Simple mech (extra fees may apply based on complexity)
    • Original characters, fanart, scenery
  3. I will not draw:
    • NSFW content, including 'softcore', boudoir, risque pinup, etc.
    • Gore
    • Characters intended to be underage in any sexual or suggestive context.
    • Any sort of hateful content, including but not limited to discrimination against any race, sexuality, gender, religion, and nationality, and images featuring imagery or paraphernalia relating to dictatorships, hate groups, or political parties.

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  1. I work best when given artistic freedom. I am happy to match a scene or pose that you have in mind, but please allow and expect some variation.
  2. Estimated date of completion. Once I accept the commission, I will add you to my art queue and provide an estimated date of completion. This date is in no way a guarantee and is subject to change at any time. If there are any delays in completion of a commission, I will personally notify the client.
    • Completion of most commissions are generally estimated to take roughly 2 to 4 weeks.
  3. Works in Progress (WIPs). Certain commission types may or include a sketch approval stage. When commissioning, please provide a form of return contact to which I can submit sketches for approval.
  4. Revisions and edits. If the commission type includes a sketch approval stage, any major changes or revisions to composition must be made at this stage; this includes any significant changes to a character’s pose or body shape, major changes to placement of background details, or redrawing parts of the image.
    • After the sketch has been approved, no major edits or changes will be made. If the commissioner requests additional edits after the approved sketch, a price for the edits may be discussed.
    • If I, the artist, make any errors in the character design, accessories, or any other visual elements as specified in the agreement, I will make these edits at no additional cost to the client.
  5. If you do NOT want me to display or post your commission (whether complete or in-progress, but especially in-progress) online or stream the commission process, please tell me BEFORE work starts on the commission.

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