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An illustration of a green frog on a pink flower A cartoon-style illustration of a smiling red octopus An illustration of a sad-looking jellyfish surrounded by the text: Stressed out by current events A whimsical vector illustration of a cat taking a nap on a stylized crescent moon An illustration of the face of a black and white cat staring at the viewer An illustration of a dragonfly with transparent wings An illustration of a pair of cherries An illustration of a peach An illustration of two toadstool mushrooms surrounded by some grass An illustration of a terrarium with mushrooms, rocks, moss, and glowing fairy string lights inside An illustration of a pond pouring out of a large, clear teacup; there are a lilypad and a flower floating on the pond, and aquatic plants are visible underwater A vector illustration of the sun rising behind a mountain with a clear blue sky surrounding it A vector illustration of a cup of bubble tea. It has cute eyes and is smiling An illustration of a purple crystal cluster An illustration of a D20 with the '20' side facing up; above and below the D20 are scroll-like illustrations which say Naturally Talented on them

Pixel Art

A pixel art illustration of the night-time moon shining on mountaintops A pixel art illustration of a synthwave-style sunset behind a pair of mountains A pixel art illustration of a sunset with two silhouetted palm trees and squares on the black foreground showing the colour palette of the artwork A pixel art illustration of a retro arcade cabinet. The title Synth is visible at the top of the cabinet, and there is an industrial scene onscreen with smoke rising from pillars in the background with a Tron-style grid in the foreground A pixel art illustration of a pink teacup holding milk tea

Character Illustrations

An illustration of Aloy from the Horizon video game franchise in the style of a villager from Animal Crossing A picture of Bulma from the Dragon Ball franchise wearing a black dress, with her blue hair done in a 40s style. She wears a black dress and has one hand at her temple and the other on her hip. A lineart drawing of a character with a breathing mask on their face. They carry a backpack with several tubes and hoses criss crossing over it; there appear to be plants inside. They are walking away from what appears to be a desert oasis. (This is my character Tagoni) A full-colour illustration of Bulma and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z dressed up in royal garb. An image of Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga & anime; they are embracing and Edward has a hand on Winry's belly; Winry appears to be pregnant. Text beside the couple reads: Happy EdWin Day 2019 5.03 An illustration of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist with his hand over a wound on his side. He's smirking. A monochrome image of Dio from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure with his thumb pointing at himself and a devious grin on his face. An image of Bulma from Dragon Ball Z wearing a pink tube top.

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